Three Golden Rules
  1. Location, Location, location
  2. Caveat Emptor: The Latin term, meaning “Let the buyer beware”
  3. In real estate everything is for sale and everything has its price.
Advertise, Buy, Appraise, Rent, Sell, Auction Lease, Exchange.

If you are considering any of the above you need to use the services of a reputable licensed real estate professional in Florida commonly know as a “Realtor”.

The service we offer is backed by the experience and qualification of a UK Chartered Surveyor and Florida Realtor. Our associated service providers ensure you receive specialist experience in finding your correct mortgage suitable to your circumstance and transferring your funds at the best currency exchange rate.

  Location, Location, Location.

How many times have you heard people say “If only I could have that house but over there”?

When searching for a property we encourage all our clients to first of all check out the location for future progress. It is possible with money and time to change esthetically the property, but you can’t change its location. If it is suspect now what will it be like when you want to sell it years on. When you find the right location we will find you the right property to match your budget.
What is a bad location

The answer is anywhere where the surrounding environment has, or will have, at a later date, an impact on your living standards and marketability to re-sell your property.

Several points need to be considered before choosing your location. Visit the location at different times of the day and night. A sleepy town can become quite active after hours with the 24 hour liquor store and night club when you are trying to sleep. Look at the local geography, an example is this house below that has great views now that the cliff edge has eroded further back and taken all the trees out of the garden
What to look for

  • What are the re-sale value statistics
  • Is it on a busy intersection
  • Are they any new commercial properties being built nearby
  • What is the local crime rate figures
  • What are the local unemployment figures
  • Is it on the airport flight path
  • Where is that rail road track with the late night freight train
  • What was the land previously used for
  • What are the neighbors like
  • Is the local graffiti artist good
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What we like to find for you
  • Great location
  • The right property style
  • Affordable prices
  • Area zoned for your requirements
  • Clean local environment
  • Secure neighborhood
  • Proximity to amenities
  • Good graded local community schools
  • Great resale values
Why Us Find A Property

So you want to own a property in Florida?

The advertisement reads

“Nice little starter home close to all amenities with great views. This very airy property has potential for expansion. In need of slight improvement, the owner is motivated to sell quickly and take offers”

So how misguided were you?

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Finding the right property is not as simple as searching the internet as many people do.

Local knowledge and experience is the best tool. When a client identifies a location they wish to purchase we research in more detail the local property trends, facilities and utilities available.

New  Construction

The general construction process in Florida has been improving over the last 5 years with building codes improvements to allow for inclement weather and energy saving. Builder’s warranties on the property allow you to have peace of mind that the property is a sound investment. New sub divisions are popping up everywhere in Florida and have the added benefit of shared facilities such as golf, swimming pools, club house, and tennis etc.

The selection of new construction is vast across Florida, with some fantastic deals with many builders offering buyer incentives which can include upgrades and contributions to closing cost.

Sometimes the closing cost contributions come with a catch that you use their finance company for your mortgage and subsequently get a worse rate, that’s why we ensure you are pre-qualified with our finance specialist before you view the properties.

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New construction homes give the added benefit of building the home to your exact specification.

Depending on the size and location of your new construction home it could be built in anything from 5 to 12 months. This option also allows you to benefit from possible increased prices at the time of completion subject to the market conditions.

As always there are good and bad sub divisions remember Location, Location, Location.

Utilizing our expert knowledge we will guide you through that mine field of sales hype that many builders provide to attract you. It is essential to use the services of a real estate professional to ensure you do not sign into contracts and deed restrictions that will be detrimental to you. We work with you from start to finish reviewing everything.
Find A Property

Many home owners attempt to sell their own properties, using yard signs and it tends to be more luck that a sale is produced from this. Often buyers are unqualified for finance and consume a lot of time and money before pulling out of the deal leaving you back where you started de-motivated and heart broken.

Our role as your Realtor is to produce qualified buyers and ensure the legal process of the sale is completed without unnecessary delays and costs.


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Acting as your real estate professional we review the people who clearly are not in a position to buy your property at this current time and ensure your property is only shown to clients who have funds confirmed or have been pre approved by our independent mortgage specialist.


This is the sign we prefer you to see outside your property.

In order for us to achieve this we,

  • Review the location and local price trends
  • Agree a listing price to attract the right buyers
  • Review inspection reports
  • Review home warranties
  • Manage regular Open House viewings
  • Market on MLS and with other real estate companies
  • Market the property internationally
  • Manage local signage and postings
  • Find pre-qualified buyers
  • Review and agree the sales contract
  • Arrange independent mortgage advise
  • Hand you the closing check
Why Us Find A Property
Legal & Tax

It is necessary to have an understanding of the common legal terms to ensure you are fully aware of the implications of buying in Florida as the process is quite complex and can be a potential mine field if not managed correctly. If in doubt of any legal jargon consult a real estate professional for clarification before you sign.
Taxation is a very important issue for all overseas investors and it is imperative you seek the advice of a tax consultant to protect your interest and stay within the law.

Foreign Investors Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA)

One particular tax implication that you should be aware of is the Foreign Investors Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA). In general if you are a foreign investor and sell your property, the government needs to ensure you will not take all your money out of the country without paying your tax obligations. The real estate agents or the Title company handling the sale of your property are obligated to retain 10% of the gross price you sell for irrespective if any profit or loss. Your tax consultant should make the necessary arrangements for you in good time prior to the closing. Certain exemptions are applicable and should be verified at point of sale.

1031 Exchange

A 1031 Exchange, also known as a “Like Kind Exchange”, is a way of structuring a sale of certain kinds of property so that the seller’s profit or gain is not currently taxed. Instead, the property that is sold is replaced with another “like kind” property. If the transaction is properly structured, the seller’s profit or gain is deferred to a future date.

The purpose of a 1031 exchange is to defer the payment of capital gains taxes that would otherwise be due on the sale of business or investment property - thus leaving the owner with more money to invest in replacement property. A 1031 exchange does not eliminate taxes. It defers taxes and allows the owner to use the deferred tax amount for continued business or investment purpose.

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